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A Blog Begins!

Hello!  Welcome to my travel blog and inaugural post.

I have decided that this is the best way to involve my community on my travels. A blog provides the opportunity to have community interaction, via comments, something not as well-developed in email and photo-sharing sites.

As many of you are aware, my second occupation has become travel. Thankfully, my life has afforded me the opportunity to pursue this passion for discovering new places and people and I have taken to it wholeheartedly.

Photography is the medium I have chosen to capture my personal vision of these experiences. It seems to satisfy the artistic side I have always possessed but would now like to nurture as well as the scientific. I invite you all to come along and I hope to be entertaining and reflective of the good and, hopefully few, challenging experiences I will have.

For your information, the header picture on this blog site is of Calgary Bay (yes, dare I say the original Calgary) on the Island of Mull, Scotland. I traveled there this past April 2011 and felt it was appropriate to use it to demonstrate my fondness of all things Calgary and most especially my home. Despite all of the exotic locations I have been to, I am thrilled to be living in Calgary, Alberta and am always happy to return.

Soon, I am off to Africa for my next adventure and I hope to have you all accompany me digitally. The preparation has been intensive and for my next post I will outline my itinerary and traveling companions. What am I up to and with whom…? Stay tuned.

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  1. Great start!

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