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Cape Town Capers!

Believe it or not, Anna and I are on our way home. We just completed 10 days in Cape Town South Africa. I did not update any new posts as we were very busy and the Internet connection was very challenging. We are currently in London, England waiting to board our final flight back home today. This will be the first of three posts regarding Cape Town. If you do get a chance to come to South Africa you must come to Cape Town. All of the recommendations I got from my South African friends were spot on. Cape Town is a melting pot of cultures, extremely cosmopolitan, visually stunning and you have so many options for activities, restaurants or just relaxing.

When we arrived we did not really realize how tired we were from all of our safari adventures. Thankfully, the weather cooperated as it was very cold and raining and difficult to go out to participate in any activities. We decided to stick around our B&B for about three days sleeping, relaxing and getting ourselves organized. This was extremely easy to do as our B&B was most accommodating and conducive to this type of activity. We stayed at 51 on Camps Bay B&B with our superb hostess Meryl. She had two support staff -Michelle and Peter- who made us feel completely at home. Our accommodation was comfortable and very well maintained. It was the perfect place to relax when you needed to but also very close to all the amenities you required. Camps Bay is approximately 15 minutes by taxi ride to downtown Cape Town where all of the action is. However, it is much quieter and provides easy access to Lions Head, Table Mountain and ventures out towards the Cape. We also had wonderful restaurants within 10 minutes of walking.

Anna was very patient as I worked on the blog which took a lot longer than I expected. Wireless Internet connectivity practically tripled the time it took to update the blog. I had a great sense of accomplishment when it was finally finished by Saturday evening. For our first four days we usually slept and awoke to a wonderfully prepared healthy breakfast, read or relaxed in our rooms and then ventured out on Camps Bay Drive to check out local shops and restaurants. Overall, our restaurant experiences were superb. Excellent winter special prices, quiet compared to summer, very friendly service and excellent food. I would almost venture to say the quality of food was superior to the food I experienced in southern France last year. Venison grill, local seafood, wonderful pastas, decadent desserts and a superb collection of wines meant this was a culinary nirvana. We definitely made the most of it.

Despite all of this decadence we did actually get out and explore the area which I will review over the next two posts. Stay tuned.

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