Reflections and images from my travels

Here is my top 10 list of experiences for this South African adventure (including London):

10. The initial drive through Moremi Game Reserve viewing wild African animals for the first time

9.  The early morning run through the Royal Parks in London before it awakened

8.  The rainy walk through St. James Park with views of a shrouded Big Ben that last night in London

7.  Sitting around a campfire in the Botswana bush with friends enjoying the sounds of nature and a wee nip of scotch

6.  Enjoying a glass of champagne in the Botswana bush with Brian and friends as the sun set over the African plain

5.  The hike up to Lions Head

4.  The early morning run from Camps Bay to downtown Cape Town with the sun rising over Table Mountain

3.  Lying on a boulder on the top of Table Mountain with Anna simply looking at clouds

2.  Floating down the calm, glass like Zambezi River in a canoe raft with friends at sunset

and can I have a drumroll please…..

1. Playing “Pig” in the Zambezi River- what can I say, I felt like a kid again!

To conclude, I just want to say a few words regarding Richard Berry. As I mentioned previously, Richard Berry is a professional photographer whom I often travel with and who accompanied us on this trip to Botswana and Zimbabwe. He was responsible for organizing this portion of the trip and always does this professionally. I am often asked about Richard and why I continue to travel with him on his photography tours. Certainly I have developed an interest, and I hope some skill, in photography. Much of the credit for my photographic development has to go to Richard. I think one of his strongest assets is his ability to teach what is often a confusing and technical subject. The sign of a great teacher is to make complex things simple and understandable. In this regard Richard is very successful. A more important aspect to me, however, is the opportunity to step outside the reality that I have created in my current life in order to enrich my personal and world view. I crave going to new locations that I have never visited and experiencing things I have not yet done. Richard’s photographic tours provide these opportunities in addition to the photographic aspect. Personally, I find this an irresistible combination. Over time I have come to know Richard and am proud to now call him a friend. Perhaps this provides some insight as to why I keep attending his photographic tours and workshops. If you have any interest in developing your skills in photography or are just looking for a great adventure I again urge you to check out his website :

Until next time goodbye. Oh, by the way, do not delete the link to this blog. I plan to keep it active for future adventures and will continue to contribute to it. There is also a nasty rumour circulating that I will be traveling to Bhutan this October 2011. Could it be true? Please check back at that time to find out (tease).

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  1. Grant Zelych said:

    Hi Steve,

    You just have to explain the “playing pig” experience. Please?

    Grant Zelych

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