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Hi everyone. This will be a quick post as I am needing to get ready for our departure to the highlands. Our Sunday October 23rd was spent with a half day hike to a monastic temple at 2900 meters in the lovely Jigme Dorji National Park which is close to Thimphu. The climb of 500 meters was very scenic and the temple is placed in the most percarious location. It certainly instils a sense of wonder and reflection which is perfect for the three year meditation that monks must complete as part of their training. We all felt well although I did have the runs along the way and forgot the TP so large leaves do serve many purposes. I feel like my GI system is still accommodating but I am glad to get rid of all the bad humours before I start the serious trek.

We also visited the site of the construction of the biggest Buddha in the world! It is huge and all done in bronze. It has taken 5 years to date to build.

We finished the day of touring with a visit to the Thimphu Market which sells trinkets, clothes and fresh vegetables and produce. All of the East Indian workers were here on Sunday stocking up. They do most of the construction work in Bhutan. The market was clean, orderly and very well run. It was impressive by all accounts and we picked up some fresh fruit to enjoy.

I will be away from the internet for the next 10 days or so so I bid you farewell until then. Check back about November 1st and I will update you regarding our trek which is supposed to be very remote and scenic. We also heard from our tour guide that a Calgary group ahead of us had one member develop serious altitude sickness and will have to be flown out. Will we suffer a similar fate. Check back to find out.

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Comments on: "Thimphu Day 2 and we do a practice hike!" (2)

  1. julie & chris said:

    hey Steve.. hope you are having fun… please note that it is celebration time in nepal with “diwali” the celebration of lights….. stay safe …. love Chris & Julie

    • Hi Julie and Chris,

      Just catching up on e-mails. I have a final two days in Hong Kong and then return to Canada December 4, 2011. We must try and get together afterwards as there seems to be a lot going on and I do have a lot of stories from the Himalayas. I trust all is well with you both. Take care and see you both soon. Thank you for your comments on the blog. I did lose 20 pounds- trust me after all of the walking it doesn’t matter how lean you are you will lose weight from somewhere. Ha!


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