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Bhutan Group Participants

Hello everyone. I am back after not posting for awhile. I am actually posting from Kathmandu where I arrived today from Bhutan. I will just make a quick post tonight to let you know that we did it and we are all okay with no altitude illness or any need to have the Indian Army fly us out! We completed the Bhutan Trek with aplomb if I do say so myself so I will. It was gruelling, cold and very challenging but my was it amazing. I simply cannot cover the whole trek in one post so I will start by introducing you to the “Snowman Trek Lite” group as we came to call ourselves. All of our group are amazing people. There were eight of us in total of varied backgrounds but we all had one thing in common and that was to share in Jill Teschke’s dream of trekking in Bhutan.

The trek was a mystery to us as we could not find much information about it on the internet-we wanted a remote location far away from the tourist trekking crowd and boy was that achieved. In a later post I will outline a bit more about the actual trek. For tonight enjoy the pictures of the participants who upon completion were included in a select group of only 25 people who have ever trekked this area of Bhutan!

Please keep checking the blog over the next few days for updates as I try to catch up before I am off trekking to Everest Base Camp November 3 2011. Tashi Delek (Google it). Ha!

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