Reflections and images from my travels

What I learned in Nepal

1. Many problems can be solved with a hot cup of tea.

2. Most of the world does not shower everyday.

3. The minority of people in the world use flush toilets squatting is just as effective.

4. Nepalese people are kind, gentle and warm-hearted.

5. Always choose the less traveled routes not always the most popular.

6. If you are trekking upwards and come to a junction the correct trail is always the one heading uphill.

7. Smaller guesthouses may not always have as many facilities as larger ones but provide a better service.

8. When trekking on an incessantly steep upward trail don’t forget to look up and breathe.

9. Avoid local buses if you can.

10. Dal Bhat is a gift from the gods.

11. Nepalese trail maps are not to be trusted in terms of spelling or in calculating travel times.

12. In Nepal bargain for everything but be reasonable.

13. If you are a citizen of Canada be thankful. Many people all over the world envy you.

14. Step outside your comfort zone and travel to developing countries.

15. Walking is very good for your health.

16. Namaste is a beautiful greeting.

My trip is rapidly coming to an end but I will try to post one or two more times regarding my time spent in Hong Kong. Stay tuned. I hope you have found the blog entertaining and useful. Namaste.


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