Reflections and images from my travels

Well, here it is the day before another big adventure and I sit enjoying an espresso and pondering. I really have had no time to get excited until now. Everything that needs to be done or organized has been. Fatigue is just starting to slowly loosen its grip.

To me these trips represent more than just getting away. They are a time to reflect, process and to let my mind and perceived sense of control slip away and be replaced by the wonderful experiences and beautiful sites that we will see.

It has been a very tough time for me and my travelling companion Anna. It is hard to believe what we have both been through. Life has been full of challenge, trauma, death and self compromise. This trip represents a chance to invest in our own well being and to allow others to take care of us in some of the most beautiful locations in South America.

Our last night tonight before we venture south we had dinner hosted by our friends Anita and Greg who had travelled to Peru previously. The night was filled with laughter, great food, wonderful red wine and a small snifter or two of single malt scotch. Anita and Greg were also free with multiple suggestions for great places to eat and shop while we are in Cusco. Great friends and we were given specific suggestions to find certain folk masks, pillow cases and wall art to bring back. This is going to be fun!

Where could we possibly be going? Will adventure and folk art be in our future?

Comments on: "South America 2014 Departure" (4)

  1. Just to clarify….the desired masks were in a restaurant and would require criminal activity ( theft) to obtain. Pretty sure Peruvian prisons not on your itinerary….but if u could sweet talk into selling even one we would provide you with yet more scotch

  2. No more pondering or reflecting. Enjoy the moment and if you can get one mask without actually stealing it from the restaurant (peruvian prisons are not in your itinerary) then more scotch is in your future

    • Thanks Anita and Greg. Your support and direction means a lot to both of us. We are on the hunt for masks…. we found the artist’s area in Cusco.

  3. Hi Anita and Greg…..I will do anything for single malt scotch and most particularly you!

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