Reflections and images from my travels


We arose from our deep slumber definitely feeling more refreshed. We quickly organized our room and belongings and took a very well-deserved shower and appropriately groomed ourselves. We felt much better.

The plan for the afternoon and early evening was very simple. We were simply going to walk around the area of our hotel to become acquainted with the local sites and shops of the tourist district of Cusco.

Cusco houses about half a million people and is very safe except for occasional pickpockets so you do need to be careful. We were mainly on a scouting mission and found some wonderful folk art and alpaca shops that would definitely be visited later. There were many restaurants. There were also many beautiful churches which would be helpful to cleanse us of our future sins.

2014, Anna Idzi, Cusco, South America

The Main Square

2014, Anna Idzi, Cusco, South America

The Main Square

2014, Anna Idzi, Cusco, South America

One of the many beautiful churches

2014, Anna Idzi, Cusco, South America

Anna at our hotel, ready to head out on the town!

2014, Anna Idzi, Cusco, South America

On my steed at our hotel!

The roads were very narrow. Apparently the ancient Incas could not have foreseen modern automobiles. We finally settled on an Italian-themed restaurant that was very charming, very clean and had locals eating at it. That is always a good sign. On Anita and Greg’s recommendation, we had soup Creole which was wonderful as our starter and followed this with skewers of alpaca meat. Yum!

We proceeded back to our hotel and finished the night with some passionfruit Pisco sour nightcaps! Of course, this was just for medicinal purposes.

We fell back into our very comfortable bed dreaming of our first tour the following day of the Sacred Valley.

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