Reflections and images from my travels

What carries me on the road? My steed I say!

My gift to myself for my 50th year was a Co-Motion Americano touring road bike with a few extras thrown in. A touring package (integrated light and USB hub powered by a front hub dynamo), leather saddle, front and rear pannier racks and a Co-Pilot option (the bike can be taken apart and transported in it’s own hard case anywhere a plane wishes to take me). Yes. I am still a gear-head!

My trusty steed, a fully loaded Co-Motion Americano

My trusty steed, a fully loaded Co-Motion Americano

It replaced my trusty Trek 520 which was stolen from my garage (a tear runs down my face).

I had cycle toured for many years with Anna and Ed but this activity fell to the sidelines as I started internationally travelling.

The Americano was my chance to “get back in the saddle”. I purchased it less than 1 year after my dear father died so initially my heart was not into touring.

After a few medical issues, I was adamant that 2014 was the year to cycle tour again!

This current trip serves as my attempt to burn off my cycling cobwebs and get my cycle legs back. Where were they?

So far, the bike has been a dream! Perfectly geared and solid enough to take on all road conditions and to eat up those hills even when fully loaded with about 150 kg of gear (including me)! The shifters are silky smooth and one feels part of a unit when seated on the bike and peddling. It is so solid! Touring is not racing as one’s average pace is only 15-20 km/hr. All the better for checking out the multitude of sights along the way.

A bike is such a good investment and will last years, if not decades, if taken care of. It is good for the body, soul and the environment.

Surely, one of man’s great inventions. Peddle on!

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