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Oh yeah….where am I?

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Hear I am waxing poetic about cycle touring and I forget to tell you where I am. For shame!

Today, October 7 2014, I am at Castle Mountain Junction. I just completed a 90 km cycle passing through Exshaw, Canmore and Banff. I left quite late this morning so I decided to posh it up a bit and am staying at one of the quaint chalets in a comfy bed. No wonder I was able to submit three posts today!

I have often seen and wanted to stay at these chalets. They would be great in winter. They are open year round. The hot tub was closed for cleaning….aargh! I guess you cannot have it all.

A comfy bed and early to bed is in order as tomorrow will be a big day! I have two options and will decide in the morning which to take. One cannot make too many decisions in one day, otherwise it feels like work!

Where will I go next? You will just have to tune in later to find out!

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