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lt is June 27th 2015 and I am just ready for my biggest adventure yet. A four month sabbatical. The bags are packed.

The idea came to me several months ago but was originally hatched a couple of years ago when a few buddies and I thought of going away together for an adventure to Baffin Island for their 50th birthdays (being the elder, I had celebrated mine almost 3 years earlier).

As planning progressed, it seemed the logistics of arranging the Baffin Island adventure were going to be too onerous. An alternative was planned. Yosemite in fall 2015. We originally planned to do Baffin Island in July 2015 so I figured why not continue planning from this time and take four months off? Perfectly logical.

As I progress in my career, I do find myself looking for and being open to offers of adventure. In my profession I see how quickly things can turn permanently affecting one’s capabilities. Also, since the last 3 years were personally and medically challenging for me, I find I now possess an expanded inner drive to experience as much as I can presuming it can all be taken away. Irrational? Perhaps, but not all decisions are logic based. I find myself more emotionally and impulse driven. Is this a good way to make decisions? I do not know. I have learned to follow my inner instincts and not judge myself too harshly. Things just seem to work out better this way for me.

I read some literature sent to me from the walking guide organization I am using in preparation for my Stevenson Trail trek and it stated that there were 4 different types of explorers: the workout freak (self explanatory), the sentient being (feelings-led and hedonistic), Houdini (the need to get away from it all) and the culture sponge (craving mental stimulation of the intellectual variety).

I see myself as having all attributes but I am definitely weighted towards the Hodini and sentient being.

I found it difficult to get excited about the sabbatical prior to leaving because there was so much to organize. It is only when you are on the plane and taking off that you start to release the constricting ties of control. Once I arrive at my destination I really cast them aside and allow what will happen to happen. Perhaps that is true emotional freedom.

As always, I plan to have some great adventures and humorous mishaps (always in retrospect).

Here we go!

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