Reflections and images from my travels

What a great sleep! Not quite long enough but I am on holidays. I feel free. Freedom equals relaxed sleep.

Richard and Pat have gone off to Victoria Airport to rent a car for Pat to drive to her golf tournament in Nanaimo. Even though she has retired since fall 2017 they still have not had time to drive her car out.

They have made me coffee (I love you guys) and I am able to tour the house and grounds in daylight. Gorgeous property. I am thrilled they have found their little slice of retirement heaven. I find out later it was no easy task to acquire the property (that’s another story) but when Pat saw this property she knew it was “the place”.

Pat and Richard return and we enjoy a lovely breakfast together before Pat leaves. She loves golf. She plays all the time and is very good at it. She will overnight in Nanaimo and will have another golf tournament when I return so our time together is brief but meaningful. We say our goodbyes and promise to stay in touch. How couldn’t we? I now know where they live!

I will spend the day getting ready for my tour, exploring North Saanich and visiting with Richard and his yacht. Yes, his yacht. His passion is sailing and he, Pat and another couple purchased an older 46 foot yacht. They enjoy going out and sailing around the island and have it stowed in a marina close by.

We visit the marina and I meet Ralph, the other owner. Richard and Ralph plan to do some maintenance on the yacht while I run around North Saanich. What a beautiful boat! I learn more about boat maintenance and costs than I ever thought I would. Biking is definitely more economical.

I pop into Sidney for supply shopping, lunch and a walking tour. Pretty little town for photography. I am stating to relax and am morphing into an islander.

Afterwards, I drive around North Saanich and visit some local wineries to buy a gift of local wine for Pat and Richard for putting me up (or, putting up with me?). My stops include Roost Vineyard and Church and State Vineyard. Wines are purchased and then it is off to Horth Hill Park for a hike.

I then pop down to Deep Cove Vineyard (do you see a pattern emerging?) but they are just closing. When I return I will check them out.

Then it is off to Coles Bay Park for a hike (yes, I never sit).

I return back to my home base and start final stocking of supplies in the bike panniers. Richard returns home and we enjoy a beer and some good conversation followed by a swim, hot tub and outdoor shower before we head back into Sidney BC for a lovely dinner. We get back home and I am surprisingly tired. I am still playing catch up.

It’s off to sleep as the next day I start my tour!

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