Reflections and images from my travels

Wednesday June 13 2018. It did rain again last night! I awoke to the sound of raindrops on my tent. Luckily the bathroom was close so I could pack most of my gear without getting it wet. The tent was another matter. The fly was wet but worked well to keep me dry. The other cyclists were clearly sleeping in.

Once packed I went back to the Rusty Tractor for breakfast. Some mornings it was just easier to buy breakfast especially if a restaurant was close by. A trucker in the restaurant found out I was a cyclist and tried to give me advice about the roads to Belfair but ended by saying he hated cyclists! I think he thought I was riding the main highway which I was not.

I headed off in the rain and followed the direction from the American Cycling Association but found a section of the Stamper was closed. A road worker was helpful to give me a detour.

The riding was pleasant and again involved a climb. The road was quiet and I wondered what the trucker earlier this morning was concerned about. I do feel there is a constant battle between cars and bikes but I feel we should just “get along”.

Before I knew it I arrived in Shelton WA just in time for lunch. I stopped at an espresso hut for a latte, the first in five days, and was served by a very enthusiastic server. I must say these small drive-up espresso huts are all the rage here. I told her how I was really looking forward to the espresso when she said ” I just love my job because it makes people happy”. What a great attitude! She recommended a local restaurant for lunch called “Sisters” which served the most reasonably priced meal I had during this trip. Basic but good and just the right portion size!

After lunch the cycle was pleasant and the rain settled. I decided I was going to stay out of rain gear come hell or high water! The weather complied. Yes! As I approached Mason Lake I could just see the Olympic Mountains in the distance again. A lovely sight.

The cycle route took me by a lovely private lake called Mason Lake surrounded by lovely vacation homes. I then descended to Highway 106 along the Hood Canal.

I got into Belfair at a very reasonable time and decided I would eat there and then proceed out to Belfair State Park which was about 3 miles out of town on Highway 300.

Belfair was quite developed and I decided on the Teriyaki Wok. I was quite sick of pub food and this was something different. As soon as I walked in I knew I had found an oasis! Classical music was playing and ambiance was one of calm and order. Very traditional Japanese. The female server was very kind and efficient. Hot tea came quickly followed by a wonderful pork Teriyaki main with rice. I also ordered a pair of spring rolls. She promised me I would like them after I showed some reservation about them being fried. She said “they are different, you will like them”. She was right.

Satisfied, I pedaled to Belfair State Park which was very quiet and peaceful. The Highway 300 there was not with a constant stream of vehicles. After setting up camp I walked around the campsite and looked over Hood Canal and took a few photos. The cycling had been easier these last few days so I felt more refreshed at the end of the day.

I took a shower and settled into a blissful sleep without rain!

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