Reflections and images from my travels

Pender Island Postings

Wednesday June 20 2018. My last day on North Saanich. I was to take the Ferry to Pender Island to meet Catherine. I cleaned up a bit at Pat and Richard’s place including the kitty litter box again. Cat’s sleep and defecate!

I stopped in at Roost again for a latte and made my way to Swartz Bay. It was quiet. The Ferry stopped at Mayne Island first and then Pender Island.

I drove up the Ferry Terminal Road and spotted Catherine waiting for me. A quick wave and then we made our way up to a pull out on top of the hill for a formal greeting. I wanted to see my other friend’s cabin first so we made our way to Hope Bay. We found the cabin easily and admired the view and huge deck. I think the deck has to be refurbished which will be no small task!

After visiting Dave’s cabin we stopped in st Catherine’s cabin which looked like it would be the perfect place to chill and relax. I skipped breakfast that morning as I had a large, late dinner the night prior. We made our way to a lovely bakery to enjoy a coffee, snack and good conversation. My friend Catherine is a medical school classmate who also has recently retired. She has a lovely, rustic cabin on North Pender and thankfully agreed to put me up (or is that put up with me?).

The plan for the afternoon was a small tour of the island by car and a hike up to Oaks Bluff Viewpoint. It was a lovely spot to just sit, chat and admire the expansive views. Pender Island inspires you to slow down and just be. We must have chatted up at that viewpoint for almost two hours. I’m not quite sure what I was pointing at!

Afterwards we made our way back to the cabin and got ready for dinner. We went to a pub in Port Browning for a lovely meal and my requisite ale.

Upon returning to the cabin we went for a nice walk admiring the variety of residences from the simplest cabins to the most extravagant estates. What a variety!

We then had the most special experience. Catherine led me down to a ocean view by Anchor Bay. I sensed very quickly that this would be a great sunset location. Of course, this was the one time I did not bring my camera! As we watched the sunset Catherine called out and pointed out to the ocean. Slowly passing us were two lone killer whales their fluid, undulating backs and dorsal fins rising and falling. It was magical and we truly felt blessed to witness their passage. We then witnessed the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. The clouds above the horizon projected the most colourful and vibrant colours- orange, red and even fuschia tones. Our retinas, and we, were in awe of nature’s flagrant display of her beauty. I was somewhat upset that I had not brought my camera to share this with you all, but on the other hand, sometimes it is best to not have anything interfere with these type of experiences. Unfiltered so to speak.

We were quiet as we made our way back to cabin having witnessed such beauty. The evening was capped with conversation and a glass of port before we realized how late it was and fell into blissful slumber.

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