Reflections and images from my travels

Thursday June 21 2018. Summer Solstice the longest day of the year! I almost slept it away. The cabin, the cool temperature and the very comfortable bed kept me within it’s grasp until 9:15 AM. Yikes! I got up and found Catherine reading her book in the wonderful sunshine. We needed to get on with our day. So much to see and do!

The morning involved some car touring and a visit to South Pender. Last time I was on Pender I was cycle touring with Anna and we never made it over to the South. We stopped at Brooks Point Regional Park for a walk. Catherine told me this parcel of land was saved by local advocacy after a developer tried to place condominiums here. I am so glad it never came to pass. A beautiful and relaxing spot. We also saw a huge tanker vessel saunter by.

On our way back I noticed a lovely small Anglican Church of the Good Shepard surrounded by lovely woods and had to stop for a photo.

We had to get back for a booked lunch at Jo’s which is a relatively new and very popular restaurant. What great service and food. We were very satisfied afterwards.

For the afternoon another Viewpoint. But, before we went there, I really wanted to see the local cidery and winery. I continued to be hopeful that I would find one open. Disappointed again! Photos of signs again!

It was a short but steep climb to Mount Norman. The views from this Viewpoint were even more spectacular. The sun was warm and we even were able to see the Olympic Mountain Range and a bald eagle flew by.

Afterwards we drove to Hope Bay for a quick look at the stores and the view and because there is a local chocolate store there. Unfortunately after we finished admiring the view and went to the chocolate store they were closing down for the day. Foiled!

We had a brief stop at the cabin and then went to dinner at a pub in Poet’s Cove. A fantastic spot with really good food. The landscaping around the resort was gorgeous. As we made our way back to our vehicle we noticed a small plaque which was a memorial to the traditional native people who inhabited this cove for thousands of years. What a heartfelt message. I guess when the resort was being built an ancient burial ground was found and both parties came to terms so the resort could be built.

On our way back to the cabin we stopped by Mortimer Spit and were entertained by a trio who could not get their vehicle with attached boat out due to the sandy conditions. There was no formal boat launch there so it was beyond me why they attempted this. The beers they had in their hands provided some explanation. The Spit was also a great place to get a photo of the bridge joining South to North Pender Islands. They are all one Island the locals dredged a channel through this area so boats could pass through.

Once again we returned to the cabin and enjoyed some port and Pender chocolates. How did we acquire these chocolates when we missed the opportunity to purchase them at the store? Catherine remembered that a local bookstore had them for purchase which we visited before we went for dinner that evening. Fantastic pairing with the port with flavours like Chai, Pineapple and Lavender.

Afterwards we walked back down to Anchor Bay hoping to catch another sunset like the previous night. Of course with camera in hand this did not occur. The sky was clear which never bodes well. It was still a nice sunset and I was able to get some photos.

What a great way to spend the Summer Solstice of 2018. Again, I feel truly blessed. Tomorrow is my last day on the Island before I must start to head back to my life in Calgary. It has been a fantastic trip and I am grateful to Catherine for her friendship and willingness to share her love and knowledge of Pender Island with me. Thank you!

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