Reflections and images from my travels

Road Trip!

Ah….the easiest holiday. Just throw things in the vehicle without the careful weighing of ounces required when one cycle tours. Just what I needed presently. The summer was busy….too busy, so a re-charge of the batteries was required!

I have already been off for one week, but, domestic duties and a mini stay-cation took precedence.

Last time I posted was from British Columbia and Washington State in June 2018. I had a fantastic bike tour at that time.

I was originally going to to go backpacking with “the boys” along the Rockwall this fall but things conspired against us. Work commitments for some and an early snowfall sealed the deal.

This left me with three weeks open! I simply did not want to spend too much time organizing another adventure holiday so the road trip idea seemed perfect.

The summer was too busy so solitude was in order. I do really enjoy being with people, but, sometimes you just need simplicity and your own company. It gives one time to think and to just…….be.

The vehicle was quickly packed (I am sure I would forget a few things and did) Monday morning October 22nd and off I went. Key in the cruising speed, put on the Spotify playlist and go.

The weather has been thankfully much better in the last week and I hoped to do a combination of camping and B&B’s.

I had to stop in Banff first to drop off some backcountry skis for a tuneup and to indulge an addiction. Not trendy CBD but a bud of another kind. It was time to replenish my stash of silver tea from the Banff Tea Shop. The price far exceeds that of CBD. I always cringe when I swipe to pay but it does last about 18 months. If you have not tried silver tea you must! A fine quality one is like a light honey liquor when steeped properly. It always serves to relax me.

I drove back towards Kananaskis Country from Banff and for a moment thought I should really stay at the Ribbon Creek Hostel as I have not stayed there for a long time. This thought quickly dissipated as I remembered solitude was what I required. Mount Kidd RV Park was the ticket. Quiet, good facilities and open all year round. Trust me, it is not easy to find a campground open for tenting this late in the season. Likely, it comes down to economics. Not enough business.

Mount Kidd did not disappoint. The staff looked thrilled as I checked in. A customer!

A Loop it was at a reduced rate. Even better. It was quite warm in the afternoon and I found a nice dry site with the sun beaming down.

I set up my Hillerberg Soulo tent. A guilty purchase a couple of years ago. Like the tea, these tents are expensive! Once you set it up properly the reason for the cost becomes apparent. This tent could withstand gale force winds and is so comfortable and well thought out.

I had a quick lunch and then took off for a walk along the Bill Milne Trail. I had my camera with me and photographed what I saw and inspired me.

It’s often simple things like a tree in shadow, light streaming through forest lighting a path or a stark white capped mountain peak stabbing the intense blue Alberta sky. See for yourself………..

Just as I got back to camp I heard a tapping sound on a nearby tree. A woodpecker (a Northern Three-toed Woodpecker I believe) was hyperactively molesting tree bark oblivious to my presence. Gotcha!

Dinner was quickly cooked as I got back as the temperature was starting to fall as the sun dipped below the mountain tops. A nice cup of hot tea was savoured as I watched the almost full moon rise. Darkness overtook the valley but…..not quite. As I turned away from the bright moon I noticed the east face of Mount Kidd gently lit by moonlight appearing as gorgeous as a diamond reflecting light. This was a reminder of why I do these things. Nature always inspires and surprises.

I crawled into my sleeping bag and read a chapter or two of a good old fashioned book by headlamp. “The Names of the Stars- A Life in the Wilds ” by Pete Fromm. How appropriate.

Until tomorrow………….

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