Reflections and images from my travels

A Day of Rest

Even though the days here are warmer than they have been, the nights are still quite cold. I was cocooned in my sleeping bag and did not emerge until 9:30 AM October 23rd 2018. There is something to no time constraints or alarms. Your body awakens when it is ready.

I had the most leisurely breakfast and finished including packing up the tent by noon! Wow! Time moves along when you are really doing very little.

Mount Kidd has a nice, short trail walk to an island in the middle of the Kananaskis River. That was the only plan today besides soaking up the sun, reading and taking a drive up to Highwood Pass. Such an action packed itinerary!

The walk was really pretty and pretty easy. I met no one. The Kananaskis River looked particularly beautiful this morning.

Afterwards, I drove up to Highwood Pass, always a favourite of mine. I usually cycle up, but, the relaxation tour demanded otherwise this time.

On the way down I stopped at one of my favourite views of the Opal Mountain Range from King’s Creek.

The rest of the day was spent in leisure, reading and enjoying the 14 C weather. Life is good.

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