Reflections and images from my travels

Going to Golden BC!

Another late awakening! I could get used to this.

I was up by 8 AM and again had a leisurely morning. I was on the road by 11 AM and the plan was to just get to Golden BC.

The weather was nice again but more windy and cloudy today. As I was driving there was a highway sign notice for a Highway #1 closure just west of Field BC. Yikes! I decided to take the highway to Radium BC instead of being stuck for who knows how long on the #1. The BC Highways website stated there was a collision and the highway was closed and could not guarantee when it would reopen.

Along my drive on the Kootenay Highway, I thought I would stop at the entry and exit points for the backpack hike I was supposed to do with “the boys” this year. My initial stop was at the Paint Pots Trailhead.

I know such an exciting picture!! The next stop was at the Floe Lake exit. There was a somewhat recent forest fire in this area so it looked somewhat stark!

When I got to Radium Hot Springs I found out my favourite RV Park, which I stayed at with my last bike tour through here, no longer catered to tenters. What a shame! It was somewhat wet and rainy here so I decided to drive north

along to Golden BC. I know the City Campground was still open and allowed tents.

As I drove north the weather improved and sunshine broke out and the light drizzle stopped. I clearly made the right choice. Soon Golden BC arrived.

It was lovely here. I self-registered at the campground and got changed for my training run. I have not been running for 2 years with a right forefoot problem. Despite multiple assessments and investigations nothing could be offered by my medical colleagues so I decided just to get back to 5 and possibly 10 km runs. So far my forefoot has been holding steady so I am thrilled. I thought I would have to give up running permanently. Not an option! I found a lovely running path right at the campground. How fortunate.

It was a lovely trail and great run. Quite the tonic after 3 hours of driving.

After the run, I had a bit of time to tour around a Golden for some impromptu photography and was not disappointed. I found some nice mountain bike trials for my colleague and sent her an email to see if she had ridden them. Reflection Pond lived up to it’s name as I spent some time there reflecting and watching a small group of ducks swim by cackling away.

Afterwards, I went back to town and had a nice meal (I decided I was a bit tuckered and it was getting cold fast with the sun setting). After eating I found a local craft brewery-Whitetooth Brewery- and had a nice Belgian Pale Ale as I composed this blog posting. Very civilized!

Back to the campground for another chapter from my book before I fall into a well deserved slumber.

Until tomorrow……..

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