Reflections and images from my travels

Kaslo BC to Nelson BC

I was up a little later than expected last night watching Netflix and finishing yesterday’s blog post. There were a lot of photos.

Today was going to be quieter. Even though I stayed in Kaslo for 2 days, I really did not spend much time exploring it. After a quick breakfast and checkout from the Kaslo Hotel, I set off to rectify the situation.

I decided on an early morning walk along the Kaslo River Trail. It is easy but quite beautiful. It is noted for it’s two volunteer constructed beet coloured bridges. A great way to start the day.

I then set off to the Wardner Street Viewpoint. A short but steep climb. The view was not as good as expected but I enjoyed the workout.

Kaslo itself has some nice churches, a historic City Hall and of course the famous sternwheeler the SS Moyie.

Next, it was off to Nelson. However, I wanted to stop in at Kokanee Creek Provincial Park which is about 20 km out from Nelson. I had very fond memories of camping there previously.

As I was driving there, the check engine light in my truck came on. Great! The good news is it was not flashing which would have been a “pull over now and stop the vehicle before you really wreck it”. The vehicle seemed to be running fine, but I thought it best to get the code diagnosed in Nelson. When I stopped at Kokanee Creek I was able to Google an establishment called “The Garage” (an appropriate albeit simple moniker for an auto repair establishment). It was open on Saturday unlike most of the repair shops in Nelson. The beach picnic site at Kokanee Creek was beautiful so I snapped a few photos before I continued on to Nelson.

“The Garage” was easy to find but the proprietor looked about 17 years old (I am sure he was not). I told him my sob story and he was really attentive and knowledgeable. The prognosis was good. The vehicle would make it back to Calgary no problem and he told me the three potential issues. He even gave me a deal on the diagnostic as he understood my anxiety. Nice guy! I drove off feeling relieved.

I took a quick walk through the Main Street of Nelson (it really was as I remembered it) and then found a hotel for the night at a good price. It promised to be an adventure as it was called The Adventure Hotel. The receptionist was very pleasant and had just moved from Calgary. Small world.

I decided to go back to Kokanee Creek Provincial Park for lunch, even though I quite like Nelson, as I found it too busy compared to the quite trails I had been on over the last several days. Besides, I still had some camping food left and it was relatively sunny today. I had made note of some nice beach front picnic tables on my initial stop in.

Lunch was a very good Pad Thai and tea as I gazed out at Kokanee Lake. Afterwards, I enjoyed a lovely walk around the closed Sandspit Loop. Again, the fall colours were spectacular.

At one point, as I was walking, a breeze came up and started to make leaves fall all around me. It was a most magical moment as I looked up and enjoyed the performance. I was able to capture a short video clip for you to enjoy as well.

I drove back to Nelson and stopped in for a flight of beer tasters at the Nelson Brewing Company. A great deal for $6.

I enjoyed an early evening walk through the main shopping/restaurant district of Nelson before heading back to my “adventurous” hotel. As I found out, the proprietor’s actually take guests out in 4WD vehicles for wild, backcountry adventures for days at a time. Sounds…….adventurous.

It’s going to be an earlier night tonight. I want a good, long sleep as I have an early morning run planned here and then will slowly make my way back to Calgary.

Hopefully, I can resist the lure of that scary Netflix series.

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