Reflections and images from my travels

Nelson BC

I awoke early this morning for a training run. It was raining steadily but still nice. Good things I brought the lightweight raining jacket. There was no one on the streets. I really enjoy running in the rain.

Afterwards, a quick shower and down to the local cafe Stumptown Coffee Roasters for a post-run latte (with art!) as well as breakfast.

I will drive back to Calgary today taking my time. Originally, I was going to spend the morning here, but, it is very overcast and the rain will probably not let up. Best to get home. I have a busy schedule for the Monday at home.

Before I drove back to Calgary, I walked around Nelson and took a few pictures. It really is a lovely city.

Southern BC was quite rainy as I drove through Salmo, Creston and then Cranbrook. The sun peeked out in the Kootenay Valley briefly. When I got to Radium Hot Springs the road right by the Hot Springs was blocked by a truck. Apparently there was another accident on Highway 93 and I would have to detour through Golden! I often wonder how people drive on the highways. The weather and road conditions were quite good in this area. As you recall, on my way out on this adventure, Highway 1 was closed due to an accident as well.

I finally arrived home around 6:30 PM and got some laundry and other minor tasks done. I crashed early as I always find driving long distances exhausting. Also, I need to get my truck in early in the morning to the local dealership to get that check engine light issue dealt with! This truck has had a few issues lately. It is old and I have had it for twelve years! Perhaps a change in vehicles is coming?

It was a lovely week exceeding expectations. Full of relaxation and I was thrilled to experience a true Fall with beautiful colours. I still have one week of holidays remaining and will try to get out for some local adventures.


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