Reflections and images from my travels

An extended weekend became available, so, I decided to head out to the Lake Louise area for a mini mental health break.

Work continues to be very busy with many changes. I was up early this Friday morning but was quite fatigued.

I had a bunch of paper work, accounting and packing to do and get out later than I had hoped to. Sigh……..!

After a quick pop-in to the office, I was on my way. The roads were clear and not too busy. Perfect. The tunes wafted out of the dashboard speakers and I felt myself relaxing.

I stopped for a quick snack at Vermilion Lakes outside Banff. It was quiet and peaceful.

I then turned off the main highway on to Highway 1A continuing the theme of relaxation. It was a beautiful drive. I always stop at Castle Junction by the bridge to admire the view of Castle Mountain. The light was nice this early afternoon.

I next arrived in Lake Louise and it was very quiet for a Friday (I am not complaining as it is always so busy every time I’ve come here before). I found out there were many activities planned for this weekend with the opening World Cup Downhill Ski race being held at Lake Louise Resort. Great!

I decided to do a snowshoe trek and chose the Highline Trail. Numerous snow covered trees, nicely packed trail and no wind. The kilometres passed quickly. I decided to do a loop instead of an out and back so I could check out the Moraine Lake Road for cross-country skiing possibilities later this weekend. It was track set and the snow conditions were great! Good to know.

On the way back, I had a major trekking pole catastrophe! One of the sections came loose and could not be repaired in the field. Argh……..! I really needed these poles for the remainder of the weekend, so, a little shopping trip to Wilson’s Sporting Goods in Lake Louise Village would be required when I finished my trek. On the way back I had nice views of Lake Louise Ski Resort.

I finished the trek by returning on the Teamline Trail off Moraine Lake Road and had a nice view of Mount Fairview as I approached Lake Louise.

I got back to my truck and found a great set of trekking poles at Wilson’s and they were on sale. Sweet!

I decided to stay in Field BC which is about 27 km west of Lake Louise as it is quieter and I love the small village feel. They have a great restaurant called the “Truffle Pig” which I remembered well from my last Golden Triangle cycle trip a few years ago.

I did not expect to have trouble finding my accommodation in Field of all places, but I did. I arrived after sunset and the Inn I was staying at had no lights on and really looked like a house. I drove by it three times before I finally stopped out front to get a closer look as Luke-the owner- called out my name walking his very large dog home. The dog was very friendly (a 2 year old Rottweiler cross) who promptly sat on my feet effectively pinning me to the ground demanding pettings for the next 10 minutes as I spoke to Luke. He was very friendly man who thanked me profusely for staying at his place. You’re welcome! The suite was huge and nicely appointed. I really liked the vibe of the place which was advertised as “adult only” which provided me with a good chuckle.

I quickly brought my gear in and took off to the Truffle Pig for an excellent dinner meal. I was famished, but, was soon satiated. Yum!

A really good live blues band- the Usual Suspects-was playing in the bar so I stayed for awhile enjoying the Friday Night groove. I like any band that plays Van Morrison!

I returned to my suite and did a short session of yoga before falling asleep in that voluminous king bed!

More winter sport activities awaited tomorrow……….

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