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Belfast to Dublin

We must have been tired! What a great sleep in this fine Sunday morning. We really took our time as I processed pictures and Anna took a shower and re-organized her purse. We finally got going by 11:30 AM and checked out. We re-connected with Midge at the infamous car park and dropped off our luggage and then went down to Cafe Nero for a really nice latte and scone/onion and cheese twist. We then proceeded to the car park from hell and could not figure out how to get to the exiting pay station. We had to pay manually because our hotel gave us a deal on the rate. We found a way out to the ground level but ended up back at Cafe Nero. It was like we were in the Bermuda Triangle! We then decided to just drive the car down to level one and I would walk out to the pay station office. As I walked down the ramp the attendant said you really should use the entrance walkway. No s*** Einstein! I paid and used the pedestrian walkway instead of just walking up the ramp to please him.

Oops….almost forgot, my name today is George Best. If you like soccer (oops… football) you will recognize it.

We were finally on our way. The exit from our hotel to the M1 was surprisingly quick compared to our arrival in Belfast.

We filled up the car with gas just outside Belfast as the driver Dublin was only 90 minutes. As I pulled away from the gas station I noted a check engine light lit up on the dashboard. It was not flashing so we drove on hoping Midge would not let us down. She didn’t!

We arrived uneventfully at the Dublin Airport but did have a little fun finding the rental car park. We eventually found it and we got a transfer to Terminal 2 and could not for the life of us find a ground transportation kiosk. We walked over to Terminal 1 and found one and lucky us the next bus leaving to City Center was in 5 minutes.

We arrived at our Dublin Hotel- the Pearce Street Maldron and checked in. It was straight down to the bar for a red/pale ale for Anna and a Bulmers Cider for me.

There are no real photos as this was a transfer day. Here is one. I am always ahead of Anna in drinking on holidays!

We enjoyed an early dinner-home made pasta at a great little Italian restaurant again calling our name with it’s siren call- and we got properly soaked again walking back to our hotel again forgetting our rain jackets. The only cure were two Irish coffees stat! We settled in for a quiet and early night. We would be exploring Dublin tomorrow proper!

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  1. I would like to point out that I had my multipurpose pink rain jacket!

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