Reflections and images from my travels

Halcyon Day 2

Tuesday, September 24, 2019- another great sleep with a wake up time of about 9 AM. Heaven!

This was going to be a touring day. We had a great breakfast which Anna made. I made up some packed lunches for our trip. She made from scratch pancakes with fresh fruit and bacon. Yum!

We loaded up the ca and hit the road. It was actually sunny with blue skies. We had a quick drive into Nakusp and enjoyed a nice walk around town and visited a few shops. It was warm. We couldn’t help but stop in at Jennifer’s Chocolates for a sweet little purchase of a selection of her unique flavour combinations like curry/chocolate and whiskey/chocolate.

Onwards to New Denver where we stopped at the local campground for “lunch by the lake”.

Next we had a visit at the Nikkei Internment Centre which was well worth seeing. The grounds were peaceful (a Japanese themed garden) in stark contrast to the sad story of what the government of Canada did to these Canadians simply on the basis of their race.

The living conditions (shacks) were awful and redress did not occur until the 1980’s.

We then went to the Kohan Reflection Garden- a place of peace and solace. It was so beautiful there. We thoroughly enjoyed touring the gorgeous Japanese gardens.

It was time to travel back to our humble cabin, but, we stopped in at Summit Lake Provincial Park along the way. Anna found a toadlet and learned about the plight of said Western toads.

Once back at the cabin, it was time to go to dinner at the Kingfisher Restaurant. It was busier tonight. Another great meal was enjoyed. The portion sizes were perfect and so well prepared. A four star restaurant experience for sure!

After dinner we went back to our cabin to change into our swim suits so we could enjoy a hot springs soak from 9-10 PM- adult swim time, no kids allowed (we kept our swim suits on).

We felt totally relaxed afterwards and enjoyed a Jameson whiskey nightcap and drifted off to sleep.

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