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Road Trip!

A short blog post. Again, work has been way too busy so it was time for another mini-break!

Anna and I had planned a short stay at a lovely hot springs resort I had passed when I was traveling in this area last year. It is called Halcyon Hot Springs and is about 1 hour south of Revelstoke BC including the ferry ride.

Sunday, September 22nd, I was patiently waiting for Anna to arrive. We were both tired for different reasons and were looking forward to the break.

When Anna arrived a bit later than we had agreed on, I could tell from her eyes that she was exhausted and had probably done a thousand things that morning trying to get ready for our trip. Even short trips require preparation! Good thing I was driving.

We packed up, picked up coffees for each of us and we were on our way. It was nice and sunny as we drove west and the fall colours were coming in. Perfect!

The drive through the Alberta mountains was uneventful. Soon, a lunch stop was needed, so I proposed stopping in at a lovely little restaurant in Field BC called the Truffle Pig. Unfortunately, as we tried to get into the village along the one road access we were blocked by a train at the crossing that did not look like it was going to move anytime soon. Foiled!!

We drove on to Golden BC and stopped at a great little 50’s themed diner that served fantastic food instead. What a pleasant surprise! The burgers were great. That’s what I love about road trips. These little unexpected surprises.

The traffic was sparse as soon as we turned south of Revelstoke heading towards the Shelter Bay Ferry. The weather had also become very cloudy with low lying cloud and rain so we passed on the opportunity to visit the Meadows in the Sky (aptly named) Provincial Park. Perhaps we would visit on the way back.

We chatted with Katherine, the attendant, at the Shelter Bay Ferry side waiting for our crossing which only occurred once each hour, on the hour, at this time of year.

Before we knew it, we were on the other side and our resort was a quick 10 minute drive. We checked in and unpacked our supplies in our quaint “home from home” for the next 4 days. It was lovely and peaceful here. Just what we needed. We loved our little A-frame!

We relaxed for awhile and then went for a wonderful soak in the hot springs (2 mineral spring pools of different temperatures 104 F and 99 F) and then had dinner at about 8 PM. The food at the Kingfisher Restaurant on site was fabulous. Sleep came easily that night. Our plans for the next 4 days……none!

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