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Friday, September 27, 2019-after completing some laundry, looking at the weather forecast for the upcoming weekend and email conversations with my travel mate Bob, we finally decided to cancel the Rockwall backpacking trip.  This was the second year in a row! How disappointing!  We did make preliminary plans to attempt it next year but definitely would have to schedule earlier to try and avoid the snow.

The weather forecast for this upcoming weekend looked pretty bleak.  The city of Calgary, surrounding foothills and mountain parks were to get a significant accumulation of snow between 20-70 cm depending on the location!  The Rockwall was a relatively high elevation backpacking trip over 5 days and simply would not have been that much fun.

This left me with what to do with the backpacking meals I had picked up the day prior and the remaining time I had off now that we were not going on the backpacking trip.  I could just stay at home, but, what was the fun in that!  I had some thinking to do today as I would be going solo and the weather forecast argued against camping even in the mountain park valley.

Would I stay, or would I go?  The decision would be made Saturday morning.

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