Reflections and images from my travels


Steve Morys

I live in Calgary, Alberta Canada which enables me to enjoy many outdoor pursuits. Having established my medical practice, I have been exploring the world to expand my global and adventure experiences. My preferred medium to share these experiences is photography. This blog is my attempt to involve my personal community on these adventures.

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  1. Lucille said:

    Steve I hope you are having a good time I like the picture you sent Lucille

  2. Steve how is Italy and how is weather there.I hope you are enjoying the food Lucille

  3. Hi Lucille,

    Thanks for the comment. The food and grocery shopping in Italy was fantastic! I was only there for 1.5 days on our return from Corsica but we had a nice tour of the old town of Genoa. I hope all is going well for you at my place.


  4. Lucille said:

    Steve how was your sailing experience did you enjoy it Lucille

  5. Leigh Ryan said:

    What a wonderful experience to share this amazing travel adventure with us. How kind of you .But kindness ” is just, so you anyway” Dr.Morys..
    Much appreciated ! Leigh Ryan

    • Hi Leigh,

      Thank you so much for your comment and interest. It has been a great adventure thus far. I will try to keep posting but I must admit sometimes I am having too much fun! Not a bad situation. Cheers!

  6. Love following your blog and appreciate you sharing your adventures with us! Sounds like quite a life experience. Your photos are great.
    The Raffards

    • Hello Raffards! Thanks for your interest and comment. There is so much more to blog on but I haven’t had time!! I am now in California having just completed the High Sierra Trail and will soon bike from San Francisco to LA. Just can’t stop! I will get back to blogging in October. Cheers and keeping reading! Steve.

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