Reflections and images from my travels

Halcyon Day 3

We had a nice sleep but not as restorative as the two previous nights. It was going to be another relaxing “open” day at the resort.

I made a nice breakfast and hand crafted coffees as Anna caught up on Stranger Things Season 2 on Netflix! Yes, she is behind.

We then finally got dressed and went for our walk. We explored further north of the northern edge of the resort boundary. There is a connector road that leads through some private properties and self-contained rental cabins with “private” hot springs. This eventually led to a private road (Burnham) that has private cabins and again hot springs. We took a picture of the signs for future reference but did not go further.

We eventually got back to our cabin and I had the brilliant idea (not shared by Anna) to go swimming in the lake off the floating dock.

Down to the lakeside we went. I told Anna she had to get some pictures to prove I did swim in the lake. Off the dock I jumped with unbridled glee like a child. The water was actually quite nice. However, I had to do it six times while Anna got familiar with the continuous shooting mode of her old compact digital camera. So worth it.

After the plunge, we set on the lounge chairs and just soaked in the nice weather and almost fell asleep. There was little wind and the temperature was about 17 C.

It was a quick trip back to the cabin to chill and relax (had we been doing anything else?) before we changed and went up to the hot springs for a final dip before our departure tomorrow. Having done the night swim last night, we were planning just to have a low key birthday dinner (yes, mine) tonight with another G&T nightcap before going to bed early.

Dinner, as always, was excellent! We both had the special- beef short rib with polenta. After dinner we had a last look at the pools and walked back to the cabin for the best hand crafted G&T’s by Anna. A fitting end to a memorable trip!

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